Awareness Conference "Hot topics in Astrophysics"
September 24-28, 2013

Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy,

Bucharest, Romania

This conference intends to bring together students from all over Eastern Europe,
and senior scientists, to discuss the recent progress,
and major open questions in Astrophysics.
This should help Master students in their last year to decide about their PhD topic,
PhD students to broaden their views,
and established scientists to see the future trends and how to access major european facilities.


Michel Dennefeld (IAP and University of Paris 6): Modern instrumentation; Opticon tools
François Hammer (Paris Observatory): Formation and Evolution of galaxies
Giulia Iafrate (Trieste): Virtual Observatory tools
Pierre Kervela (Paris Observatory): How to write a good proposal
Andy Lawrence (Royal ObservatoryEdinburgh): Large Scale Surveys
Alain LeCavelier (IAP and University of Paris 6): Detection and Characterisation of Exoplanets
Ana Palacios (University of Montpellier): New questions in stellar astrophysics
Patrick Petitjean (IAP and University of Paris 6): Intergalactic and high-z Interstellar Medium
Martin Ward (University of Durham): Activity in galaxies

Cristina Blaga: Education in Astronomy at Cluj-Napoca


Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia

Saturday, September 28th (for school teachers)

Exoplanets (Alain LeCavelier)
Interstellar medium (Mircea Rusu)
The MilkyWay (Radu Constantinescu)